Animal Welfare Education Center

AWEC promotes animal welfare through scientific knowledge.

AWEC is a start-up of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, considered one of the best veterinary schools in the world. AWEC is formed by a team of veterinarians with recognized expertise in research, consulting and education in behavior and welfare of farm, companion and wild animals.

AWEC offers courses, workshops and webinars on animal welfare, as well as a wide range of technical publications based on scientific evidence. All these activities and materials are proposed with a very practical approach.


AWEC also offers scientific and technical advice and an innovation and research service for the improvement of animal welfare.

Our Mission

Improving animal welfare through scientific knowledge and research.

Our vision

Contribute to the sustainability of livestock production, the improvement of the link between people and animals, and the conservation of biodiversity.

Our Values

Integrity, empathy and scientific rigor.

Companion animals

Our objectives are:

The training of veterinarians and other professionals in the field of companion animal ethology and welfare.

The education of animal caretakers in all aspects related to the behavior and welfare of their animals

The realization of applied scientific research in this field and specialized training for companies in the companion animal sector.

Farm animals

Our objectives are:

Advice to improve the welfare of farm animals.

Training in animal behavior and welfare for veterinarians, producers and other professionals in the livestock sector.

And the realization of applied research and innovation projects in the field of farm animal behavior and welfare.

Wild animals

Our objectives are:

The training of veterinary personnel and other professional profiles in the protection and improvement of the welfare of wild animals under human care.

Advising zoological institutions to improve animal welfare, including the performance of welfare audits.

The realization of applied research and innovation projects in the field of care and welfare of wild animals under human care, and the study of the relationship between welfare and conservation of wild animals in their natural environment.

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