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Medicina del comportamiento (etología clínica)

    • Diagnosis and treatment of individual or collective behavioural problems in companion, wild and farm animals.
    • Behaviour modification service
    • Pre-adoptioncounseling.
    • Evaluation of potentially dangerous dogs.


    • Design and execution of scientific research projects in animal welfare.
    • Tools to evaluate animal welfare (development of indicators, protocols and validation).
    • Impact on animal welfare (drugs, products, designs, management, external agents, stimuli).
    • Advice, review and/or evaluation of scientific projects on animal welfare.
    • Theoretical ortheoretical-practical reports: compilation of evidence and reviews of the state of the scientific art on topics related to animal welfare.

Animal welfare consulting

  • Measures to prevent behavioural problems and improve well-being.
  • Animalwelfare assessments (zoological institutions and conservation centers, research centers, animal shelters and refuges, animal facilities, farms).
  • Identification of problems, prioritization and proposals to improve animal welfare.
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of strategies, improvement actions and elements of animal care and well-being.
  • Advice to public entities (advice in the drafting of regulations, creation of protocols, guidelines and frameworks).
  • Design and evaluation of facilities and advice on the breeding, possession, transportation, euthanasia and slaughter of animals.


AWEC offers a service of facilitation of participatory innovation networks through:

  • Implementing collaborative learning tools on animal welfare science.
  • The exchange of scientific and practical knowledge in animal welfare. Managing the innovation process.
  • Fostering networking among participants.

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