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Master’s Degree in Animal Welfare (blended)

Animal welfare has become a key concept in all areas related to animals, and its importance continues to grow. The pressure from society at an international level and the existence of regulations and laws in this regard have led companies, administrations and other institutions to seek to evaluate, manage, improve, protect and/or investigate animal welfare. The Master in Animal Welfare is a professional specialization program that trains experts in animal welfare from a multi-species approach. The master’s degree is blended, with a first face-to-face stage of 3 months with theoretical and practical classes, and a second distance stage in which work and activities are carried out with on-line follow-up.


The Master’s Degree in Animal Welfare allows students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to manage and advise on any aspect related to the welfare of farm, companion and wild animals. The master’s degree focuses on the scientific foundations of animal welfare, but also explores technical, ethical and legislative aspects. The program will enable the student to evaluate animal welfare, propose preventive measures and know and solve the main animal welfare problems of the different centers that have animals in stables or in the wild (farms, animal shelters, zoos, etc.).

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